Los Angeles Times – Your 2017 Guide to Great Los Angeles Bakeries

March 31, 2017
Assortments of Breads from Milo & Olive

All the bread baking for the restaurants from the husband-and-wife team of Josh Loeb and baker Zoe Nathan (including Rustic Canyon and Huckleberry) is done at Milo & Olive, a homey, pizza-driven restaurant. So you can see the ovens in the open kitchen, the fires of the pizza oven — the breads on the shelves and the pastries in the case when you first walk in. This is terrific stuff: perfectly formed baguettes, gorgeous little cakes and pastries and wonderful whole grain sourdough loaves. Nathan, an alum of Tartine in San Francisco, also has a baking book, “Huckleberry,” named after her Santa Monica bakery, so if you can’t get over to Milo & Olive, you could always try baking something yourself

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